ISIS Bans Burqa After Women in Veil Attack Jihadis

In the Iraqi city of Mosul, ISIS has reportedly banned women from wearing the full face veil as a security precaution. This new rule comes as a surprise from the terrorist group known for beating and killing women for refusing to wear the full veil. 

According to media reports, ISIS leaders banned the full veil after a group of veiled women carried out attacks that killed several ISIS commanders and militants. Instead of wearing the veil, women who are entering buildings in Mosul will be required to wear gloves and gauze over their eyes. Since its ascent to power, the terror group has been accused of raping women and limiting women’s access to healthcare and education. “Some women said they felt deeply humiliated by their treatment by ISIS, and two said they felt so depressed they had wanted to kill themselves,” stated a report from Human Rights Watch. 

This is not the first time that the face veil has been banned. Conservative governments and political parties in the West have advocated banning the face veil in recent years due to the belief that it is a symbol of Islamic terrorism. In 2011, France banned all garments that covered the wearer’s face, including the niqab and burqa. Belgium also followed suit and banned the full face veil. Local authorities in French resort town, Villeneuve-Loubet along with 30 other coastal towns, recently imposed a ban on Burkinis, the swimsuit sometimes worn by Muslim women that provides full body coverage. The mayors of these towns expressed that the ban was necessary because the burkini is a sign of extremism and Muslim proselytization.

After being challenged by multiple rights groups, France’s highest administrative court, the State Council, suspended the ban last week. The judgement by the State Council ruled that local authorities could only restrict individual liberties if there was a “proven risk” to public order. The ruling though, only applied to Villeneuve-Loubet, while other towns have vowed to continue enforcing their ban. The burkini ban has been challenged by multiple rights groups




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