Paris Venue of Victoria’s Secret December Show Kept Secret for Fear of Terrorism

Victoria’s Secret officials admitted they were worried about a possible terrorist attack during their 2016 Fashion Show in Paris.

The lingerie company typically announces its annual runway show in the spring of each year — but this year the company waited until Monday, 24 October, to announce this year’s location.

Twitchy reports that the reason for the delay was the fear that the glitzy event would be targeted by terrorists.

The Paris location was determined months in advance, but TMZ claims it was kept under wraps for security reasons.

TMZ says that VS has been coordinating closely with French security services to make sure that the 5 December event, which is attended by many celebrities, is safe. Several venues in Paris were considered, until one was selected because the French security services concluded it would be easier to secure.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows normally take place in New York City – but in 2014 the runway show was held in London, and the 2000 one was held in Cannes, France.


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